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Options & Accessories


Many options and accessories are available for your new

                                       RIVER HAWK BOAT

to suit your type of fishing, hunting or boating. These options

can be factory-installed when you place your order - or, many

can be installed by your authorized RIVER HAWK dealer

- or - by yourself as you need them.


NEW !  

Order your new RIVER HAWK BOAT in your choice of 40 great new extra-cost optional:

C u s t o m    C o l o r s



           River Hawk Logo Ball Cap    

Kevlar Keel - Order your new RIVER HAWK with a Kevlar KEEL - great idea for fishing shallow rocky rivers and saltwater flats with oyster beds and bars.

Kevlar Hull - Order your new RIVER HAWK with a Kevlar HULL - great idea for fishing shallow rocky rivers and saltwater flats with oyster beds and bars   


Center Console, small, with cable channel (B-52, B-60, B-60 Pro Caster & B-60 Kingfish Edition)

              Center Console, medium, with cable channel (B-60, B-60 Pro Caster & B-60 Kingfish Edition)                                 

Center Console, large, with cable channel (B-52, B-60, B-60 Pro Caster & B-60 Kingfish Edition)

              Center Console, Ultra-Compact Pedestal Steering System, add to your new boat order, or can be added later

 6'-8’ Keel Guard - your choice of color

              5-Switch Electrical Fuse Panel

4-Switch Electrical Breaker Panel

           3-Switch Electrical Fuse Panel                                                                                                                                

Individual Rocker Switch

Navigation Lights, front & rear                                                                                                                                 

SharkEye Navigation Lights, up-charge (requires Nav. Lights pkg. above)


Bilge Pump Switch - 3 way switch (MANUAL / OFF / AUTO) - not needed with above Electrical Panels

Bilge Pump, 500 gph or 750 gph                                                                             

Aerator Pump, 500 gph                                                                                                                                           


Marine Compass

Rear Deck Storage Hatch/Baitwell – Pro Caster DLX or Kingfish Edition (aerator pump optional)                              


Power Thruster Performance Stabilizer  

T-H Marine Hydro-Tail Performance Stabilizer  

S-TRA Straight-Track Rudder Assembly (adjustable depth; allows straight tracking when poling no-motor zones)


Box Seats                                                                                            

7” x 7” Stainless Steel Pedestal Seat Receiver - std on some models

4” x 8” Stainless Steel Pedestal Seat Receiver (single)


TMM-1 Trolling Motor Mount (allows use of transom-mount trolling motor on bow) - requires fiberglass bowplate 

TMM-BP Integral Trolling Motor Mount (allows level mounting bow-mount trolling motor)


Heavy Duty Keel – (included on Pro Caster, Pro Caster DLX, & Kingfish Edition)                                                                          

Fiberglass Bow Piece (for mounting trolling motor) specify model: 10' Duck Call, 13’, or 15'


FLAT FLOOR - Omit Baitwell and add flat composite floor (any model with standard floor)

FLAT FLOOR - With Baitwell

Double Baitwells - port & starboard gunwales (B-52, B-60 & B-60 Pro Caster)                                                             

Gun Box (B-52, B-60 & B-60 Pro Caster) standard on B-60 Duck Boat

Trolling Motor Wiring - male & female plugs & wiring harness (included on B-60 Kingfish Edition)                                

Wiring Conduit along gunwale, any model, per side                                                                                                       


Cleats - Stainless steel "soft point"; Aluminum "flip-up"; or Chrome "flip-up"

Tie-Down Rings - strap your cooler to the (flat) floor or rear deck

Attwood Anchor Rein – 32’ of 3/16" nylon anchor rope on a spring-loaded spool with twist-lock cleat                                                            

Stick Steering Brackets (B-52, B-60, B-60 Pro Caster, B-60 Pro Caster Deluxe), pr.  

Seat - copolymer frame with padded seat, olive or tan - requires post and swivel seat mount

Seat - copolymer frame with padded seat, camouflage - requires post and swivel seat mount

Casting Seat - "stand-up" padded casting seat, light grey or light taupe (tan) - requires adj. post and swivel seat mount


Battery Box              

Cigarette Lighter Socket & Plug (aux. 12v power source)


Rod Rack, 2 or 3 vertical rod tubes with holders for knife & pliers mounted on center console or baitwell, per side


NEW Push Pole – aluminum, 18' with point and hard-bottom foot. 3-piece makes it easy to carry in your car or boat      


Boat Cover – Custom 10 oz. Canvas – specify boat model (lt. gray w/shock cord in hem)

Boat Cover – Polyester – specify boat model

NEW Boat Blind and Coveravalable to fit 10' Duck Call, 13' Original & 13' Duck Boat



Com-Fab Galvanized Trailer w/4.80 x 12” tires, wench, & wheel jack for 15 ft. Original, B-52, & all B-60 models         

Spare Tire (4.80 x 12”) specify galvanized or gray painted wheel

Mounting Bracket - Standard U-bracket             

Mounting Bracket - Offset

Upright Roller Guide-Ons, pr.    

Transom Saver 

Retractable Transom Tie-Downs                                                                                                                                                        



Your local RIVER HAWK dealer may also have other brands and models of available options.