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When designing a boat, especially a small boat, stability is THE primary goal. Small boats (and canoes), by their very nature and design, tend to be notoriously unstable and unsafe to stand in.

RIVER HAWK boats make use of OUTRIGGER THEORY TECHNOLOGY in their hull designs, providing exceptional stability.

OUTRIGGER THEORY TECHNOLOGY, incorporated into all RIVER HAWK boats, features horizontal flat reverse chines on both sides of the boat that sit at - or slightly in - the water's surface to minimize "rocking" from side-to-side. This provides exceptional lateral stability for grown men to comfortably stand while casting fly rods, firing shotguns, throwing a cast net, walking around and/or poling our boats. And all RIVER HAWK boats plane quickly and easily - even with a small outboard motor.

OK, so we've got the stability - but what about draft? Can we fish the saltwater flats and the trout rivers? You bet we can! 

With an average draft of only 4" - 5" (depending on weight load and distribution) every RIVER HAWK boat is designed with extremely shallow draft. Whether fishing for trout in the rivers of north Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri or Arkansas, to poling the saltwater flats, you'll be able to go where other boats can't. And our boats are very quiet, for a stealthy approach - especially important on the saltwater flats where the fish know you're there, even before you are!


RIVER HAWK boats are constructed from hand layed fiberglass hulls, marine composite materials and marine-grade foam for light weight, durability, stability, stealth and a high degree of unsinkability. Metal or vinyl side rails and metal transom motor brackets ensure years of trouble-free service. All transoms, floors and decks utilize marine composite materials for superior strength, light weight and durability.

No wood is used in RIVER HAWK boats. NO WOOD = NO ROT.







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B-72 Osprey
1678 Exocet
1686 Bay Hawk


All center floor baitwells are now installed bow-to-stern for increased usable walk space.

Photos depicted above show baitwells side-to-side (also available as a No-Cost option).

Pro Casters now feature an open under-bow storage (no bow drop-down door) - allowing

easier access to the under-bow storage area.





Prices, specifications and construction techniques & materials subject to change without notice.



RIVER HAWK boats are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of one (1) year, materials and workmanship, except against accident, abuse or user modification. Use of a transom saver is required with any outboard motor- regardless of size, weight or horsepower rating. Damage from improper trailering is not covered under this warranty. Your trailer's bunks must support your boat to the rear end of the boat. If you need warranty or out-of-warranty service on your RIVER HAWK boat, please contact your local RIVER HAWK dealer or the RIVER HAWK factory at (770) 361-2547. All warranty repairs must be performed at the River Hawk factory. Transportation to and from the factory is the responsibility of the purchaser.



No boat is unsinkable.

Follow safe boating practices and don't overload your boat or engage in unsafe or risky behavior.

Alcohol and boats don't mix well.



If you are fishing a tailwater river, check the


before launching, as the water level can rise rapidly.


File a FLOAT PLAN with a family member or friend before embarking on your excursion.

Seek shelter quickly when thunderstorms are in the area.

Lightning can strike as far away as 10 miles from the center of a storm.

Graphite fishing rods are highly efficient LIGHTNING RODS.

Keep your rods low & horizontal during storms.