1678 Exocet





Exocet [Ek-soh-set] from French, from New Latin for "Flying Fish"

The new River Hawk 1678 Exocet (Flying Fish) literally flies across the water's surface, cutting through waves with an amazingly smooth and dry ride. In addition, its radically efficient hull design allows the use of a smaller outboard motor for reduced power and fuel costs.

We took the basic size and design of our B-72 Osprey, tooled the bottom of the boat to match our 1686 Bay Hawk, and added a rolled edge for increased lateral strength. Result:  a new original design with ultra-sharp entry to cut the waves, downward flared side chines for ultimate stability that River Hawk boats are famous for, and of course, exceptionally shallow draft. And with a true keel like our Bay Hawk, the Exocet will track straight while poling the flats.


               LENGTH             16' 7 "

               BEAM                 78"

               DRAFT                6 "

               TRANSOM         20"   -  long shaft outboard motor

               WEIGHT             395 lbs. (approx.)

               CAPACITY          4 persons or 709 lbs.

                                           1,089 lbs. persons, motors, gear

               H.P. RATING      25 hp - 50 hp max

                                           25 - 30 hp recommended

               All-composite construction.

The interior of the Exocet can be configured many different ways. These photos show the Exocet with elevated rear deck

with 2 livewells/storage boxes and a low front deck similar to our B-60 Pro Caster series. You can also order this boat with

an elevated front deck with storage similar to our B-72 Osprey and 1686 Bay Hawk.

The Exocet can be ordered with a center console, as shown, or as a tiller-steer boat. Whatever your way of fishing or hunting,

we can probably accommodate your special design.

                                        RIVER HAWK


                                                   a new breed of excellence on the water!